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MPS seal

Product Name: MPS seal
Product Model: MPS
Specification: 4*10*4-350*380*22

Product Description

  Main advantages:
    1.A particularly strong abrasion
    2.Is insensitive to shock loads and pressure peaks
    3.High resistance to extreme pressure
    4.Desired sealing effect in the no-load and low-temperature conditions
    5.Suitable for harsh working conditions
    6.Easy to install

    Working pressure:≤40Mpa(peak up to 100Mpa)
    Operating temperature:-35~+120°C
    Installation: Note that an axial clearance seal, the sealing lip to avoid damage during installation, do not pull seals sharp edge,

    usually these seals is loaded into closed grooves for limiting diameter and limit In the case of the cross-sectional should be

   used to install the auxiliary tool,

    when the structure is not allowed to open trench.

   Materials: TPU/CPU





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